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ABS Refractories Pvt.Ltd.

Company Name: ABS Refractories Pvt.Ltd.
Country: India
Address: P.O. Box 132 Niwar-Madhya Pradesh
Company Profile
Since 1914, ABS Refractories has strived to develop and market the highest quality, cost effective refractories in the industry today. Our success has been built on the principals of Quality, Service & Reliability. ABS Refractories has a reputation for manufacturing high quality products, yet keeping economical and customer consideration in focus. Ceramic Engineers, at both sales office and plant locations can assist with customer needs. All quality control procedures, and development testing at our fully equipped laboratory, are conducted by these ceramic engineers. ABS Refractories manufactures all products upon request to ensure self life and workability. At customer request, product is manufactured in smaller easier to handle sizes, and also in bulk sizes for larger requirements and operations. We offer a large variety of refractories, may they be Fireclay Shapes Refractory Concretes, Plastic Refractories Insulation Refractories, Refractory Bed Support Chrome Plastic, Air Setting or Heat Setting Mortars and Castable Refractories confirming to ASTM, DIN, GOST, ISI specification. Our products are suitable for construction or lining of Boilers / Furnaces operated at high temperature. These may be applied while hot to withstand pressure from the weight of furnace parts or contents, thermal shocks, resulting from heating and cooling other stresses included by temperature changes, mechanical wear, and chemical attacks by heated solid liquids, gases and fumes. We are meeting the requirement of Iron and Steel industries, Cement industries, sugar industries, fertilizer and chemical industries, petrochemical industries, industrial furnaces / Boilers, Thermal power stations, Ordinance factories, Ceramic industries etc.